Franchise Law

Whether you seek to start or become part of a franchise, York Law LLC can help you set-up and understand the documents and agreements necessary to launch or maintain a successful franchise business model and meet the legal requirements set-forth by law.  In a franchise business model, you need three important characteristics: a reliable and repeatable system; a thorough collection of policies and procedures reflecting the system; and a recognizable and distinctive bundle of trademarks and trade dress identifying the source of the goods and/or services.


Repeatable and Reliable Systems

A well-functioning franchise must have an interconnected set of systems refined and fine-tuned to the point of operating on autopilot and without the owner's oversight. Once the systems are finely tuned to automatically operate, the business owner (whether franchisor or franchisee) is ready to take the business into new locations.


Written Procedures and Policies

After the owner has tweaked and refined every element of the business system built, these procedures and policies for consistently executing the system must be put into writing so that other operators, managers, and employees can be trained and have a reference point of accountability and responsibility.


Memorable Trademarks and Trade Dress

In addition to the systems and procedures necessary to make the operation function with consistency, franchises also package a visual presentation that is appealing and memorable. By utilizing trademarks and trade dress, a franchise location appeals to a larger number of consumers and signals that the business has been carefully constructed to provide the best products and services in the market.

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